Research excellence joint course

Research excellence joint course

Sooner or later you find yourself in a situation where you need to get some data and then process and present them; if not during your studies through seminars and other works, then surely at the end of the studies when a final work, graduate work or doctoral thesis is to be written.

To help you and provide you with all necessary and relevant knowledge, the University of Split opens a free online course RESEARCH EXCELLENCE created by scientists and experts from the SEA-EU alliance universities. 


The course itself consists of 6 modules as it stands below:

  1. Planning the research in the context of the existing knowledge (leader: asst. prof. Luka Vukić, PhD)
  2. Data collection, interpretation, and presentation (leader: prof. Aleksandra Bonnici, PhD)
  3.  Responsible research (leader: prof. Ana Marušić, PhD)
  4. Technology transfer (leader: prof. Leandra Vranješ Markić, PhD)
  5. Writing a research article (leader: asst. prof. Bernarda Lovrinčević, PhD)
  6. Publishing a research article (leader: assoc. prof. Željana Bašić, PhD).

All courses will be available upon your application request to the teacher, except Technology Transfer which will open until the 15th of February. 

All courses will finish in June 2022.

How to apply?

1. Before enrolling on an online course Research excellence, please fill in the following application form:

2. Enter the following link to access the online learning platform. Translate the webpage by clicking on a flag icon on the top right and choosing the desired language.

3. Choose the account option on the right to create a new account and enter all required data.

4. Once you have completed the registration form, you will receive your account login by email. Follow the received link and it will redirect you into the online learning system.

5. Once you have been redirected to the platform you will find on the left side the icon “All courses” and then type Research excellence in the list of available courses and enter the login key re2022 to enroll.

6. On the homepage of the course Research excellence, you will find the list of all course modules along with the list of respective professors and their contact e-mails. Please, contact the professor after enrolling into a desired module.


This is an opportunity not only to gain practical knowledge but also to work in an international context within the SEA EU community.  Therefore, we encourage you to apply for “Research excellence” and participate in such an extraordinary international online course.

The students who take the entire program (all six modules) will acquire a total of 3 ECTS credits. Alternatively, if you take less modules (which you may combine depending on your interest), you may acquire 0,5 ECTS credits per module.

It is important to note that you do not need to listen to the entire course at once, but depending on your free time – you can join and attend module by module whenever you want until June. 

We will be waiting for your applications!

Here is the course link:

Just scan the QR code and create a new account. The login key is re2022.