SEA-EU Spin-Off Competence Lab

SEA-EU Spin-Off Competence Lab

The European University of the Seas (SEA-EU) is working on the development of the Spin-Off Competence Lab, a virtual training programme designed to boost our researchers’ skills for the development of entrepreneurial initiatives based on their research fields and projects.

It offers virtual training through different sessions to acquire both the so-called “hard skills” (knowledge of intellectual property rights, innovation management) and the “soft skills” (problem solving, self-management, business skills).

The first seminar of the Spin Off Competence lab is entitled: Lean StartUp – Canvas Methodology and was delivered by Raúl Estrada (University of Cadiz) on October 20 at 11:00.

You can watch it live on our YouTube channel – YouTube channel of the SEA-EU Alliance.

If you have missed this information, don’t worry, feel free to contact university SEA-EU Offices to joint the workshops later on.