Summer School

Summer School

SEA-EU Summer School “Ocean Sustainability”

13-17 September 2021

Coming together for the future of our oceans.

This interdisciplinary summer school touches upon a range of topics and themes within Ocean Sustainability. In the first part of the programme, a number of experts will introduce students to current challenges facing our oceans. Subsequently, an Open Space format will allow students to contribute their own ideas on how we can overcome these challenges in the future. A networking session with local companies from the different SEA-EU cities will provide participants with insights of how sustainability is already put into practice in the maritime sector. The exchange of participants’ experiences and of ideas forms the core of this summer school.

This is a great opportunity for students of the entire alliance to connect and get to know each other. Therefore, we warmly invite you to participate in an open evening session on Tuesday and a virtual cooking activity during the lunch break on Thursday.